Heart of Texas is your source of FREE TIME! We do the work for you, so that you have more time to do what you want!

  • Aircraft Detailing
We provide cleaning and detailing services, as well as landscaping, patios and decks. Call today to get a quote on your specific needs!

Rene Miller, 210-373-7158

Our Passion

We love the Texas Hill Country and the people who live here.  We honor the traditions of our forefathers.  We are passionate about keeping these traditions alive and being a great example of the best of Texas.

We bring the friendly and reliable Cowboy way, along proven experience and the best technology, in order to give you complete peace of mind.  We are truly happy to be of service to you.

Our Purpose

  1. We provide more free time to our clients, to enhance their  overall quality of life.  We do this by providing the support services that free our clients from the need to do everything themselves. You focus on what you want while we take care of your basics.

Our People

An organization is the product of the people who make it up,  starting with the leaders and including the staff.  We maintain standards designed to give you, our customers, peace of mind and security.  Professional courtesy is our standard, and discretion is our middle name.

  • Aircraft Detailing

We excel at communication, so that you are always in the loop. Now is the time to treat yourself the the best service to be found! Call us today to see how our service can give you more free time.

Rene Miller, 210-373-7158

Attention to Detail

Whether you travel by Air, Water, or Land, your craft will slide through the air with the ‘Attention To Detail’ finish!